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The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Portland, Oregon

Other carpet cleaning services will tell you thet are the best, so how do you know who to trust inside your home? 

Characteristics Your Professional Carpet Cleaner Should Have

Carpets are great for our homes because they keep us warm and they’re comfy! But, if you want to keep them that way, you need to be careful and take special care of them! This is why choosing a service-provider to clean your carpets can be a delicate subject. There are a lot of options out there but how to know which will suit your needs best?

If you’re currently on the market for an expert carpet cleaning team, the Portland Cleanpro will give you a few pointers to make sure you’re making the right decision!

They Value Honesty and Trustworthiness Above All Else

A lot of businesses out there are only in it for a quick buck. Their priority doesn’t have to do with providing a service for those in need. These are the ones you need to look out for. 

Choose a team that is there for your and that values your time, finances, and the trust you’ve put into them. Respect is a valuable asset in any exchange!

They’re Upfront About Their Costs

Money is obviously part of any business transaction which is why the prices should be established and both parties should agree on them from the get go. 

There are lots of scammers out there that offer the “cheapest price around”, but when the time comes, they start adding it up (because, your carpet is wool, because the price depends on the size of the room, etc.). They make up excuses to raise the bill and customers end up paying a lot more than they expected. 

They Deliver

Look for professionals who do their job. As simple as that! This means that your carpet cleaners should be committed to giving you the best service possible. For example, if you’re unsatisfied with their job, they should be willing to do it again. The bottom line is that they need to be providing the service you’re paying for!

They Use Methods that Aren’t Harmful to You or the Environment

Nowadays, there are several techniques out there to clean carpets. Unfortunately, they may take a lot of time to dry, may damage your carpet, may pollute the environment or even worse, harm your kids, family, or pets! So, basically, you need to make sure that the methods used won’t be an inconvenience!

They Have Good Reviews

Be it word of mouth or online, when we’re looking for a business, we ask around. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey (2012), 72% of consumers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

This means that there are conversations happening online that could give you a clue on whether you should hire a company or not. 

Carpets in your home should be clean not only for the look and feel of them, but because they have to do with your family’s well-being! Make sure your service provider has all the traits mentioned in this post so you know that you, your family, your money, and your carpet aren’t being mistreated!

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Portland, OR

Portland Cleanpro provides a trustworthy team whose priority is serving their clients with quality carpet care!
Choosing the best carpet cleaning professional is only half of the story, make sure that your carpet cleaner is using the best system available. 

4 Benefits You Get with the CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System

Us at Portland Cleanpro, are always mentioning in our blog posts or on our site that we offer the best service, team and results in town. However, if you’d like to learn a bit more about the benefits you get as a customer when you work with us, keep reading as we talk about some of the benefits of the CLEANPRO® System.

The Ion Exchange Process

Years ago, the creator of the CLEANPRO® System, Kevin Owsley, saw the need for a more reliable and affordable method to keep floors spotless. He studied, gathered different sciences, and used an ion exchange process to create a unique and revolutionary system.

Guaranteed Satisfaction in Portland, OR

We are in the business to provide the results you expect in terms of carpet and upholstery cleaning. The dirtiest carpets can’t hold a candle to our system. We are so certain of our unbeatable results that we even have a $50,000 carpet cleaning challenge.

Fast- Drying

Other methods, like steam cleaning, may leave your carpeting wet for hours and even days after cleaning it, making it prone to mold and bacteria growth. Our system uses little moisture, which means it dries up completely in 1-2 hours.

Safe and Green

Our carpet cleaning system utilizes a citrus-based organic cleaning formula. We avoid the use of harsh chemicals that may affect your home’s indoor air quality and your health. Moreover, our formula is completely biodegradable and leaves no residue, making it green and safe.

The Complete Carpet Cleaning Package in Portland, OR

Portland Cleanpro is the best because we have the best carpet cleaning professionals and the best carpet cleaning system. So if your carpets need to be brought back to life, don't hesistate and call us!
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